4. September 2018

The Isle of Skye, the most beautiful hills of the world (Scotland part 2)

I don’t remember exactly how I googled in fall 2017 for the first time the pictures of Skye but it was a love at first sight. Google […]
30. August 2018

Charity aspect of the #project12months

I decided to travel and run the world for the next 12 months. This story won’t be about travelling or running the world only, this story […]
23. August 2018

Help for Daniel

3 Days, 4 Road-bikes, hundreds of kilometers… and helping those, who need it. The tradition of the Prague – Klinovec bike ride is dated to 2016. It […]
22. August 2018

Afternoon Run in Edinburgh – alternate tourism

One of my running dreams it was always to run the hills of Scotland’s Highlands. The dream came true on the very first day of our […]
22. August 2018

Endomondo Log: Running Up The Arthur’s Seat

The highlight of our Edinburgh run was running up the Arthur’s Seat. I started at the Saint Anthony’s Chapel, which has been built in the early 15th […]
21. August 2018

Edinburgh and Inverness, two cities in two days (Scotland part 1)

Visiting Scotland has been a dream since ever. At least from the moment I saw the first time the Braveheart movie. Running through these majestic hills […]
29. July 2018

The Ironman dream

People sometimes tell me I am crazy. They ask me why am I doing it. They say I should not, otherwise something will happen to me. […]
22. May 2018

Quo vadis

“Great things are coming when everything seems to be going wrong. Be patient!”   22 May 2018. One of these nights, when I go to bed […]
20. May 2018

Long weekend in Naples

In our area, February is one of the coldest months, very suitable for travelling abroad. Our travelling group from Portugal got the heads together and voted […]