9. September 2018

Help for Bellis Young & Cancer

The Christmas Eve of 2016 was somehow lovely. After a dinner both together with my father we visited  his parents and we had a really good time. Second […]
6. September 2018

ENDOMONDO Challenge: Around the World with RUNELLER

Based on my past experience with Endomondo challenges I decided to open one for the #project12months too. The challenge is called “Around the World with RUNELLER”, […]
4. September 2018

The Isle of Skye, the most beautiful hills of the world (Scotland part 2)

I don’t remember exactly how I googled in fall 2017 for the first time the pictures of Skye but it was a love at first sight. Google […]
30. August 2018

Charity aspect of the #project12months

I decided to travel and run the world for the next 12 months. This story won’t be about travelling or running the world only, this story […]
23. August 2018

Help for Daniel

3 Days, 4 Road-bikes, hundreds of kilometers… and helping those, who need it. The tradition of the Prague – Klinovec bike ride is dated to 2016. It […]
22. August 2018

Afternoon Run in Edinburgh – alternate tourism

One of my running dreams it was always to run the hills of Scotland’s Highlands. The dream came true on the very first day of our […]
22. August 2018

Endomondo Log: Running Up The Arthur’s Seat

The highlight of our Edinburgh run was running up the Arthur’s Seat. I started at the Saint Anthony’s Chapel, which has been built in the early 15th […]
21. August 2018

Edinburgh and Inverness, two cities in two days (Scotland part 1)

Visiting Scotland has been a dream since ever. At least from the moment I saw the first time the Braveheart movie. Running through these majestic hills […]
29. July 2018

The Ironman dream

People sometimes tell me I am crazy. They ask me why am I doing it. They say I should not, otherwise something will happen to me. […]