1. May 2018

Crazy Halfmarthon Weekend 2018

What would it take you, to accept a crazy challenge? What would it take you, to do something you have never done before? What would it […]
18. April 2018

Help for Martinka (Czech Republic)

My name is Martina Kosorinova and I was born in August 2017 in Slovakia. Since the beginning, my journey has not been an easy one. During pregnancy, […]
16. April 2018

SportMind on my journey

In the section How I feel I’m analyzing my mental status on the road with the application SportMind. I often compare and correlate such soft data […]
3. April 2018

My first marathon

(edited text from May 2010) The marathon is a long-distance race, completed by running, walking or a run/walk strategy. The marathon has an official distance of […]
17. March 2018

Endomondo Log: Prague Marathon 2018

[endomondowp type=’workout’ workout_id=’1114948559′ ]Prague Marathon was my first marathon under 3 hours and 15 minutes. It was a though fight with my body and mind, here […]
16. March 2018

Sunny November trip to Porto and Lisbon

Portugal, an attractive country at the very end of Europe. Or at its beginning, depends on the perspective. I have felt attracted by this “beauty from […]
12. March 2018

Porto Marathon – a stunning beach run

Within the years I established an end-season tradition which is running a marathon before the year’s end. Last important goal of the season which is at […]
10. November 2017

Landing on the ground

November 10, 2017. I am landing in Prague, after one week of vacation at the end of which I was somehow looking forward to be back […]