28. April 2024

Spolu s odvahou: IRONMAN 2024 under 11 hours

I’m blessed, I’ve made a bunch of dreams come true in my life. One of my other dreams is to complete a long IRONMAN triathlon in […]
15. April 2024

Malaga Half Marathon 2024 (10 March)

Held in the south of Spain in sunny Malaga, this half-marathon is a pleasant escape after the cold winter. PROS Scenic Route: The course typically winds […]
9. August 2023

New Charity Project: #BERLINSUB3

When I started with running marathons, I was dreaming. First about a time under 4 hours. Later, a sub-3:30 time. And finally a sub-3:15. I never […]
19. February 2023

MALTA – 5 reasons why yes

My first travel steps in the new year led to a previously unexplored island – Malta. As well as starting the year with a new unvisited […]
6. November 2022

#5KRMJChallenge is over

Over the past 9 weeks all our running efforts led to one goal – to improve. The improvement led to another one – charity donation. On […]
31. August 2022

A new Runeller project – #5kRMJchallenge

We are three ex-colleagues, friends and hobby runners, who decided to face a challenge, work hard and succeed! We are Rafael, Matej and Jan and this […]
25. June 2022

Four Years (Road to Ironman Frankfurt)

Four years! I haven’t stood at the start of a long triathlon for four years. Last time in Germany in June 2018. Tomorrow I will stand […]
22. June 2022

My first CD (Guns N’ Roses in Prague)

Do you remember your first CD? I do exactly. Shortly after the Velvet revolution, flea markets arrived in Slovakia. Mostly held on Sundays, you could get everything […]
21. December 2021

“I’VE RUN THE WORLD” IS HERE: English eBOOK published!

Just before Christmas 2021, the final chapter of my journey was written. The first thought of my world adventure is dated to August 2017. I set […]