20. May 2019

Endomondo Log: Riga Half Marathon 2019

The human body is not a machine and we all are vulnerable. Riga half marathon, it hurt, again… It’s been a rule nowadays, well, with a hurt […]
7. May 2019 Interview Matej Šemšej: Take a one year off in your job. Take sabbatical. (Interview published on 05 May 2019)   We experience more and more the term sabbatical. […]
7. May 2019

Endomondo Log: Prague Marathon 2019

Prague marathon 2019, winter and cold weather (four degrees Celsius), ideal conditions to achieve something. My performance until the “half-time” in a beautiful time – I […]
6. May 2019

Radio 1: Ešus

    Radio 1: Ešus –šus-652019-běžec-matěj/ (Interview, 06.05.2019) NO ENGLISH
18. April 2019

Endomondo Log: Guam Half Marathon 2019

On Guam I finished as the best Slovak, best Czechoslovak, best European and best hobo hipster! Now seriously, yes, I was the only one under these […]
14. April 2019

Help for Missionaries of the Poor

Are you aware, that most of our time we dedicate to absurdities? Every day. We are very lucky and instead of being happy for what we […]
3. April 2019

Endomondo Log: “Run the Runway” 5K in Hong Kong

I finished my Hong Kong adventure with a short running race of 5 kilometers on Sunday, it was again something new – this is a distance […]
25. March 2019

The Hong Kong Perceptions

What has happened to us? We used to be the strongest species of this planet. Not physically, but due the ability to cooperate and communicate. How […]
17. March 2019

Endomondo Log: Seoul Marathon 2019

In Seoul I was afraid the scenario from Singapore will be repeated. After the cold and ugly weather in Japan I arrived at Seoul somewhere in […]